Star Trek Quilt

A quick PSA.

When I made this blog, I had the intention of including a tutorial with every project I do. However, as a college student a single project could take me weeks or months to finish. The blog would move a little slow, don't you think? Thus, in the interest of providing interesting and exciting, new content, I have decided to post projects with or without my personal tutorial to go along with them. I am sincerely sorry. I hope to include my own personal work and tutorial for all of these projects when I get the time for them.

Star Trek Quilt Pattern

You can find the design on her tumblr here!
A couple weeks ago, reddit user /u/girlntheotherrm, posted this awesome design for a Star Trek quilt she was working on to /r/sewing. You can find the pattern on her tumblr here! 

Definitely check it out, she deserves all the credit for this design. (Well, her and the costume designers for Star Trek.) She includes the measurements to make your own throw (or baby) blanket. If you wanted a full size quilt, I imagine you would just double most of the measurements.

The trickiest part would probably be the insignia, but I'm sure with a quick Google search you could easily find an image to base your applique off of. 

I think I'll make this project as a Christmas gift come the holiday season. For who? (I'm sure half of my friends would die to receive one, but I'm not telling anyone who's getting it!) Expect to see a walk through for this pattern in a few months as I work on it. 

Go forth and create!!

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